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Altamira Technologies Corporation is a top open source technology company in the national security space. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Altamira provides engineering and analytic services to the defense, intelligence, and homeland security communities.

Our cleared engineers develop and implement big data solutions for knowledge management and advanced analytics. We are authors and contributors to leading open source tools, including Lumify, an open source big data analysis and visualization platform built by Altamira engineers.

Altamira Technologies Corporation was formed in January of 2013, when McLean-based Invertix Corporation and Reston-based Near Infinity Corporation merged. Both legacy companies have a long history of support to the DOD and U.S. Intelligence Community with a wide range of talent in software development, infrastructure, analysis and project management.

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The majority of work on the effort will be performed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Beavercreek, Ohio and will include IMD staging, engineering analysis, technologies development, and training to support NASIC, the U.S. Air Force, and national level intelligence efforts. Task orders are anticipated to support critical intelligence mission areas and provide integrated and predictive IMD products that inform both our U.S. intelligence community and international partners.

The purpose of the IMD effort is to perform scientific and technical intelligence discovery, analysis, and production with the express intent of creating and documenting assessments of the characteristics, performance, configuration, and fact-of-possession for select foreign fixed-wing aircraft and their associated subsystems and air launched weapons.

This effort encompasses the full spectrum of technical intelligence disciplines, including: discovery, analysis, collaborating across functional areas, creating finished assessments, and populating authoritative data repositories.

Routine operation and maintenance of databases and other archival mechanisms is required; work requires interfacing with internal and external data publication tools.


The JWAC CAPCON initiative is to obtain non-personal services necessary to provide:

  • Equipment, data, technical, analytical, and consultative/subject matter expertise
  • Research, develop, test, evaluate, and validate new or existing analytical capabilities, tools, and models
  • Develop, advance, enhance, expand, implement, recommend initial or prototype capabilities, analysis methods, or tools; and provide support in network definition and software development

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