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Contract Summary
Contract Number FA8075-18-D-0014
Award Date 09/30/2018



RDT&E Services- Basic Research, Applied Research, Advanced Technology Development (ATD), Advanced Component Development and Prototypes (ACD&P), System Development and Demonstration (SDD), RDTE&E Management Support, & Operational System Development

Contract Data

Contract Number:  FA8075-18-D-0014

Period of Performance

The maximum potential ordering period of the basic IDIQ contract, if all options are exercised, is nine years from the effective date of the contract award, and may be extended for a period of up to six additional months pursuant to the Option to Extend Service clause (FAR 52.217-8).

Contracting Agency:

Defense Technical Information Center

Who is Eligible:

May include DoD components and other U.S. Government agencies and departments and their contractors, state and local Governments, Industry, Academia and other institutions as well as international organizations in which the U.S. Government is a member or participant.

Vehicle Type:


Company Role:



Unlimited, subcontractors can be added at the task order level at any time

Company Contacts:

Amentum Program Manager, Meg Flynn

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