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IT Schedule 70

Contract Summary

Under the GSA IT Schedule, CGI Federal is able to supply a full range of state-of-the-art IT solutions, professional and EC services, and software licenses and maintenance to government agencies.

Streamlining the ordering process to deliver timely, cost-effective services CGI Federal holds multiple GSA Schedule contracts that can be used by federal government agencies for professional services using numerous labor categories to meet requirements at the right level. They are open to all federal agencies and streamline the ordering process to reduce the time from initial contact to commencement of work.

Under the GSA IT Schedule, CGI Federal is able to supply a full range of state-of-the-art IT solutions, professional and electronic commerce services, and software licenses and maintenance.

The following four special item numbers (SINs) allow CGI Federal to provide a full range of services and solutions for total system needs:

SIN 132-32: term software licenses

SIN 132-34: maintenance of software

SIN 132-51: information technology (IT) professional services

SIN 132-52: electronic commerce (EC) services.

SIN 132-32: Term Software License - Includes operating system software, application software, EDI translation and mapping software, enabled E-Mail message based products, Internet software, database management programs, and other software. Software maintenance as a product includes the publishing of bug/defect fixes via patches and updates/upgrades in function and technology to maintain the operability and usability of the software product. It may also include other no charge support that is included in the purchase price of the product in the commercial marketplace. No charge support includes items such as user blogs, discussion forums, on-line help libraries and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), hosted chat rooms, and limited telephone, email and/or web-based general technical support for users self diagnostics. Software maintenance as a product does NOT include the creation, design, implementation, integration, etc. of a software package. These examples are considered software maintenance as a service under SIN 132.34 Software Maintenance.

Software Maintenance as a product is billed at the time of purchase.

SIN 132-34: Maintenance of Software as a Service - Software maintenance as a service creates, designs, implements, and/or integrates customized changes to software that solve one or more problems and is not included with the price of the software. Software maintenance as a service includes person-to-person communications regardless of the medium used to communicate: telephone support, on-line technical support, customized support, and/or technical expertise which are charged commercially. Software maintenance as a service is billed in arrears in accordance with 31 U.S.C. 3324.

SIN 132-51: Information Technology Professional Services - Includes resources and facilities management, database planning and design, systems analysis and design, network services, programming, millennium conversion services, conversion and implementation support, network services project management, data/records management, subscriptions/publications (electronic media), and other services.

SIN 132-52: Electronic Commerce Services - Includes value added network services, e-mail services, Internet access services, and other data transmission services.

Contract Name

GSA Information Technology (IT) Schedule

Contract Number



General Services Administration (GSA)

Period of Performance

January 23, 1998 – January 22, 2003 (base)

January 23, 2003 – September 22, 2008 (option)

September 23, 2008 – January 22, 2013 (option)

One remaining five-year option

Contract Type

Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)

Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)

Task Order Type(s)



CGI Federal GWAC Solutions Center

Jen Ferguson
PM, GSA Schedules
CGI Federal GWAC Solutions Center
Phone: (703) 227-6206

Mary Crigler
Contract Administration
Phone: (703) 267-7036

GSA Website



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