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Foundation Cloud Hosting Services

Contract Summary
Sponsoring Agency INTERIOR

The DOI's IT Transformation efforts are designed to align with the "25-point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal IT", the Federal Datacenter Consolidation Initiative ("FDCCI"), and the Cloud-First Policy outlined by the Federal Chief Information Officer ("CIO"). Federal IT Transformation efforts are designed to address two primary objectives:

  1. Reduce the total cost of ownership of datacenter hosting hardware, software and operations; and
  2. Provide greater service, security and support for application business owners and end-users.

The DOI's goal is to establish the most, efficient, effective and transparent portfolio of IT service delivery solutions for meeting mission needs utilizing modern technology.

Initially, the DOI is seeking cloud-based services in the following seven (7) technical service lines:

  1. Storage Services
    1. The Storage Services Technical Service line includes, but is not limited to Cloud Based Storage Services in support of the DOI Continuity of Operations (CoOP), Disaster Recovery (DR), and Data Center Consolidation Transition Support Requirements.
  2. Secure File Transfer Services
    1. The Secure File Transfer Service Technical Service Line includes, but is not limited to an enterprise-wide capability for any employee, contractor or partner working on the DOI network to securely transfer files of any size and type to either internal or external business partners. This includes the capability for DOI employees, contractors and partners to receive files of any size and type from external business partners, while maintaining confidentiality and integrity, and the ability to manage the files in a web environment.
  3. Virtual Machine Services
    1. The Virtual Machine Services Technical Service Line includes, but is not limited to Cloud Based Virtual Machine Services in support of the Data Center Consolidation Transition Support and New Application Implementation Requirements. This Service Line may also be considered as an alternative to technical refresh of physical servers, a quick response resource to explore innovation opportunities, or rapid response multiprocessor multi-machine simulation environment.
  4. Database Hosting Services
    1. The Database Hosting Services Technical Service Line includes, but is not limited to, Cloud Based Database Hosting Services in support of the DOI Data Center Consolidation Transition and New Application Implementation Requirements. This service line may include stand-alone databases, shared data sources, or tiered database solutions including components of one or more other Technical Service Lines.
  5. Web Hosting Services
    1. The Web Hosting Services Technical Service Line includes, but is not limited to cloud Based Web Hosting Services in public, private, community and hybrid cloud environments. This service line may include any combination of other Technical Service lines necessary to deliver static and/or dynamic information to the DOI stakeholders, and includes hosting for an enterprise-wide content management system.
  6. Development and Test Environment Hosting Services
    1. The Development and Test Environment Hosting Service includes, but is not limited to providing a flexible, scalable, on-demand environment to support development, testing, staging, and/or quality assurance before releasing new applications and changes into the DOI production environment. They also support ad-hoc innovation activities. Change Control and User Permissions in this non-production environment are typically established on an instance by instance basis by the authorized user who provisioned the service.
  7. SAP Application Hosting Services
    1. The purpose of SAP Application Hosting Services is to acquire cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a Service hosting and associated transition support for the Department of the Interior's Financial and Business Management System (FBMS), to include suitability/readiness assessment, conversion planning, implementation management, and infrastructure operations. This technical service line will be addressed in the performance work statement contained in Section J, Attachment 6.

These technical service lines are intended to establish the initial infrastructure foundation for developing composite services that will be represented in a "Mission-Facing", DOI-Wide IT Services Catalog.

Additionally, the DOI considers Data Center Consolidation or emergency operations requirements, and any hosting and associated support services necessary, to be within scope of this contract. Therefore, any modifications and/or task orders maybe be executed for any requirements within this area. This would include Contractor operation and maintenance of Government owned assets within either Government or Contractor owned and operated facilities.

Secondary Service Lines included under this IDIQ include the following:

  • Data Management/Administration
  • Data Warehousing / Data Mining
  • Engineering / Scientific
  • IT Professional Services
  • Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services
  • Platform/Data Center Operations
  • Systems Software

Contract Name

Foundation Cloud Hosting Services

Contract Number



Department of the Interior / National Business Center

Period of Performance

10 years

The term of this contract will be three years from date of award, anticipated, before the protest, for December 31, 2012 through December 30, 2015. This is the base period of performance for this contract. The Period of Performance will be revised once the Protest are concluded and the Awards finalized

  • Option Period One (1) - December 31, 2015 through December 30, 2017
  • Option Period Two (2) - December 31, 2017 through December 20, 2019
  • Option Period Three (3) - December 31, 2019 through December 20, 2021
  • Option Period Four (4) - December 31, 2021 through December 20, 2022


Eligible contractors: Aquilent, AT&T, Automonic Resources, IBM, CGI, GTRI, Lockheed Martin, Smartronix, Unisys, Verizon

Eligible purchasers: Any organization/sub-agency under DOI may use this IDIQ vehicle

Contract Type

IDIQ (multi-award)

Company Role

Prime awardee - eligible to bid on 6 of the 7 technical services lines (cannot bid on SAP Application Hosting Services work)


Subs will be used on a TO-by-TO basis


Patrick Dwyer
Office: 703-227-6404
Mobile: 540-661-8037


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