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GSA Schedule 70

Contract Summary
Contract Number GS-35F-0629R

Summary of GSA IT Schedule 70

The GSA Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 (also referred to as a Federal Supply Schedule) is a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) which grants agencies direct access to commercial experts who can thoroughly address the needs of the government IT Community through 20 Special Item Numbers (SINs). SINs are categories that cover most general purpose commercial IT hardware, software and services required by the government.

The GSA Schedule Contract is the most widely used government contract vehicle. Federal, state, and local government spent over $37.4 billion through GSA Schedule Contracts in fiscal year 2009.

Benefits of Having a GSA Schedule Contract

GSA Schedule Contracts benefit companies wishing to sell to the federal government, as well as federal customers wishing to purchase goods and services, by simplifying the procurement process and enabling federal customers to make purchases quickly and easily.

Prior to awarding a GSA Schedule Contract, GSA conducts a thorough review of a company’s capabilities, past performance, and commercial sales practices. After GSA negotiates discounted rates for government agencies and establishes a GSA Schedule price list, Government buyers using the GSA Schedule Contract are not required to seek full and open competition, synopsize their requirements (unless the buyer is using Recovery Act funds for a purchase of $25,000 or more), or make a determination of fair and reasonable pricing because GSA has already met these requirements in awarding the GSA Schedule Contract.

Once awarded, a GSA Schedule Contract is valid for an initial five-year period with three five-year extension options. To maintain efficiency and profitability, it is important that a GSA Schedule Contract be kept in compliance with current acquisition regulations, and that the company’s current pricing and offerings are kept up to date.

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