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Army ITES-3H

Contract Summary
Contract Number W52P1J-16-D-0029
Sponsoring Agency ARMY
Period of Performance 02/22/2016 to 02/21/2019

Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS ) is the Army's designated "primary source" for commercial IT. CHESS provides a no-fee flexible procurement strategy through which an Army user may procure commercial off the shelf (COTS) IT hardware, software and services via an e-commerce based process. CHESS offers simple, straightforward contract vehicles through its online Army e-commerce ordering system, the IT e-mart. These contracts provide continuous vendor competition for best value and consolidation of requirements to maximize cost avoidance and leverage the Army's buying power.

The inherent Value Proposition CHESS provides is its relationship with the Army CIO/G-6, Information Systems Engineering Command (ISEC), Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM)/9th Signal Command and Army Contracting Command’s Army Contracting Command - National Capital Region (ACC-NCR). With these partners, CHESS provides architecturally sound, standards and policy compliant IT enterprise solutions to all Army activities and organizations.
MicroTech's Army ITES-3H contract includes sate-of-the-art commercial IT equipment and related services, including installation, integration, etc. for worldwide support consisting of the following:
  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Thin clients
  • Desktops and notebooks
  • Storage systems
  • Networking equipment
  • Network printers
  • Cables
  • Connectors and accessories
  • Video equipment products
  • Uninterruptible power supplies

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